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Etobicoke Creek North Trail City update

Etobicoke Creek North Trail

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The City of Toronto in partnership with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority(TRCA) is constructing a new 1.1km long multi-use trail south of Eglinton Avenue West and parallel to the Etobicoke Creek. This project will formalize an existing granular trail to an asphalt trail along Etobicoke Creek at Eglinton Ave West while protecting areas of erosion by incorporating natural bank stabilization measures. This Project is part of the Bikeway Trails Implementation Plan, adopted by Council in 2012.

Etobicoke Creek North Trail Construction south of Eglinton Avenue West
Expected Start Date: July 2017
Expected End Date: April 2018

Refer to Construction Notices & Updates Tab for more information.

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Project Background

The objective of this project is to formalize an existing granular trail along Etobicoke Creek at Eglinton as part of the Bikeway Trails Implementation Plan, adopted by Council 2012. This project is identified as project 13 – Etobicoke Creek North in the Bikeway Trails Implementation Plan.
This new trail connection will fill a significant gap in the Etobicoke Creek Trail and provide a valuable connection along this trail network which extends north to Caledon and south to Lake Ontario. It will also provide a key connection to the Eglinton West Trail

Figure 1:

Phase 1 of the project was completed in spring 2016, culminating with the selection of the
preferred general trail alignment and associated in-stream works.

To better inform the preferred trail alignment and as part of the baseline information/preliminary
analysis, numerous studies were conducted. These include the following:

Geotechnical Investigation Report
Arborist Report
Subsurface Utility Engineering Quality Level A Report
Archaeological Assessment (Stage 1-2)
Ontario Stream Assessment Protocol (OSAP) Survey
Species at Risk (SAR) Screening by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF)
Species at Risk Survey

Land ownership within the trail location is under the authority of the City of Toronto and
Infrastructure Ontario/Hydro One Networks. The City of Toronto is currently under a lease
agreement with Infrastructure Ontario

Approvals are however required from Urban Forestry, Toronto and Region
Conservation Authority (TRCA) and the pipeline utility companies for trail construction.

Project Status & Next Steps

This trail project is currently in the detailed design phase. Design revisions based on comments from internal City staff, TRCA staff and the public are currently underway. Construction is anticipated to begin in June 2017 and continue until spring 2018.
A Construction Notice will be mailed out prior to start of construction work in June
Note: Tendering and Implementation commencement is dependent on the acquisition of
all of the necessary approvals from Hydro One, Utilities, etc. Due to delays in the approvals process the start date has been changed to July 2017.

Contact Us
Paul B Martin

Senior Public Consultation Coordinator
Tel: 416-392-6681

Local Councillor
Councillor Stephen Holyday Contact

Councillor Stephen Holyday – Ward 3 Etobicoke Centre

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A girl, horse and dog from germany


this has been translated from Danish, as is.


Sarah, is a girl from Germany as a wandering home from Finland with her haflingervallak santano who wears pack and the dog quaanaaq. They’ve been hiking for 13 weeks.
Tonight they are at hanne bastholm’s in jutland. Sarah’s had a hot bath, a nice meal with a cold beer for, the horse is on the grass and the dog is is on the klinkegulvet in hannes cuisine. There’s a good bed for Sarah, so she can be rested to wander off tomorrow.
Sarah’s plan is to follow the hærvejsruten down through jutland to the border.

The Crisis in Men’s Mental Health, Wed, Sept 27th 7:00PM at University of Toronto

The Crisis in Men’s Mental Health
A Townhall Event Featuring Dr. Benjamin Rosen 
A Free Event. REGISTER HERE. Hosted by U of T Men’s Issues Society
Date and Time: Wednesday, September 27th at 7:00PM.
Location: Lash Miller Chemical Labs (LM) Room 161, University of Toronto
I (Dr. Benjamin Rosenam) currently a PGY4 resident in psychiatry at the University of Toronto and Clinician Scientist Program Candidate.
My research interests relate to health systems issues in mental health, including Fathers’ Mental Health and improving access to psychotherapy. I was a co-founder of the Fathers’ Mental Health Network ( an alliance of clinicians, educators and researchers aiming to increase awareness and improve treatment of paternal mental illness. I am currently working on a systematic review looking at treatment of paternal perinatal depression. Next year, I will pursue a master’s degree in Health Policy, Planning and Financing at the London School of Economics with the intention of further developing research skills to support an academic career in psychiatry.

Child play and storage furniture, wonderful piece



Designed in Romania

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Other Romaian desigh items.

Astin Clark at the Junction Music Hall Thursday.

Ward 14 Gardiner Expressway billboard signs provide one of the largest advertising incomes for the city. Yet the income may be too little and too widely applied in the city budget.

Ward 14 Gardiner Expressway billboard signs provide one of the largest advertising incomes for the city. Yet the income may be too little and too widely applied in the city budget.

The sign at 2 Strachan Avenue, is orientated to be viewed from traffic on the Gardiner Expressway, is undergoing a redesign and build, approved by the the city. The changes will reduce the 3 face configuration to just one each way with a reduction in the size of the image space, all good. A smaller sign size and the lessor number of faces will reduce night light, and driver distraction.



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The sign should produce 964,233 thousand dollars for the city during the time period from July 2017 to July 2024, a period of 8 years. The will if the contract is not amended during the period produce an average of 120,529 per year for the city, reflecting a cost to sign permit holder of approx. 330 dollars per day.

With a average daily traffic volume of about 200,000 vehicles per day, in the area, measured at Bathurst St, *1, providethe sign rights holder a cost of just 0.00165 of a cent for each passing car. Before those of you inclined to jump to state, every car will not view the ad on sign, the blog acknowledges this. Yet the balance of probability, is that most will, especially during the slow speeds during rush hour congestion.





Disability posts on this blog.

After 9 1/2 years of daily posting one or more Junction posts, missing less than what can be counted on two hands of post days, which occurs because of hosting provider issues. I am going to post a few sessions on disability abuse among the regulars. One week in each month Sept, Oct, and Nov, of 2017. Probably about six posts in all.

This subject, which I knew nothing about 2 1/2 years ago, has slowly and demandingly focused my attention on the suffering of those harmed by persons who inflict disability abuse, and those who fail to report abuse.

You may well find the posts, not only some of the most interesting and moving posts on this blog, but you will be able to read what is most likely the most in depth, and real experiences anywhere about this problem as it exists in Toronto.

I hope to open your eyes, thoughts and understanding of the severity of this problem in our city with real vignettes, of the suffering of individuals, both adults and children. They will show the irresponsibility of the institutions and persons who are supposed to ensure the safety and rights of the disabled and fail them.

Also it will show other individuals in these same institutions who carry out their responsibility with surety and as required.

You will meet people who will amaze you, as well as some who you may develop an aversion to.

To do this I have worked exceedingly hard to become accepted by the community of abused and disabled persons, and then not hard at all to gain an education on the problem from numerous abused persons and individuals who work with these people in many agencies. Almost every person I sought help and access to information on the issue was keen to advise and educate me.

I encountered government services and institutions, who conducted themselves within and with the governing legislation, I also I countered many who simply did not even know of the required procedures, under the existing legislation. Many of the government service staff who should have been trained or educated on this subject to properly perform their duties did not know what and how to properly address the requirements.

My strongest knowledge base is the area of Intellectual and developmental disability abuse, with the physical harm that accompanies this disability abuse, while I work to grasp the harm of abuse of the physically disabled.

Why because disability abuse occurs much more than most people know, and this form of abuse has stuck itself into the Junction. There have been any cases of reported disability abuse in the Junction, most of which I not report on because although they have been told to me, or have appeared in the reports of the various social service agencies that service abused people, I do not have all the details of many situations reported to me. Yet I do have direct experience with a hanging suicide and a drug overdose suicide personally known to the author of this blog in the past five years, that were the direct result of Intellectual and disability abuse as defined by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. ..

Intellectual disability abuse, delivered by persons, employers, working associates, and much more by familly members, and husbands and wives on their partners which is a hidden aspect of our society.

John Tory’s Cities of Opportunity method to win the New Amazon Headquarters, could just make us lose.


Our cities mayor has chosen to bid in unison with Mississauga, Durham, And Brampton, to win the bid to have Amazon site it’s new 2nd unit headquarters within the geography of the combined municipal areas. Ugh!

You can image the team at Amazon, reeling from the thought of having to deal with 4 or more separate municipal governments for years. No way they will even consider that. If you think they will, just watch the Cupertino City Council Meeting where Mr Steve Jobs presented the new Apple Headquarters (link). The municipal development lesson Mr Jobs had to deliver to just one municipal council foretells the failure of Mr Totpry’s plan.

Add in the partisan Toronto Council, and their lack of any grasp large scale urban economic development in the past two terms. If I were to ask you what your opinion of our councils ability to develop, plan and successfully implement a major city bettering, job creating, scheme. Would you have a feeling of no hope?

Amazon does have a short list of possible choice cites already, there is no way they do not. This opinion is based on how large companies plan operationally. Like this weeks Economist magazine, Amazon May simply be using the competition to gain concessions from the cities it already has it’s eyes on.

If Amazon can get over it’s probable fear of leaving the USA for Head Shop #2, Canada and Toronto are a great choice although a Euro #2 Headquarters has it’s benefits politically.

PWC the consultancy who came up with the Cities of Opportunity idea, has stated its models show London, Singapore, Toronto and Paris broad urban qualities that make 30 global business, finance and culture capitals successful.

So Toronto has a running, a chance where as a community we will have to run, if we are to win.

Maybe a few weekend shifts for staff, our council and the public?


Sunday – As crazy as the blog is going to called the Junctions have prime land locations for Amazon Headquarters.


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Text below from the PWC site,


The living city

London, Singapore, Toronto and Paris top the 2016 benchmark (our 7th edition) of the broad urban qualities that make 30 global business, finance and culture capitals successful. Beneath the headline results of who finishes first, however, findings show the heart of the city revolves around balanced social and economic strengths. And even in this group of cities that power the world economy, quality of life factors jump out in relation to urban success. People are at the center of the big city picture.




City Tow Truck Industry Review will increase standard towing fees greatly,

11 Glen Scarlett Rd Toronto

11 Glen Scarlett Rd
Toronto ON M6N 1P5
Open 24 Hours

Listed below the most relevent parts of the review,

Private Property Towing Rate


1. City Council increase the private property towing rate from $88 to $108 (plus applicable taxes), inclusive of all services that may be performed in relation to the tow.

Accident Towing Rate

2. City Council remove differentiated towing rates for the towing of vehicles from City streets (currently $166) and from highways (currently $188), and set a harmonized accident towing rate of $250 (plus applicable taxes), inclusive of all services that may be performed in relation to the tow, with the exception of any additional fees for recovery services and mileage, where required.


permit tow truck owners and drivers to charge a fee of $100 (plus applicable taxes) should the performance of recovery services be required when towing a vehicle from an accident scene on a City street or highway.

Full Report below

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DesignThinkers Toronto November 7-8, 2017 Sony Centre

DesignThinkers Toronto November 7-8, 2017 Sony Centre for the Performing Arts #rgdDT


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Queen Street West Restaurant Study

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2013 City of Toronto Planning staff completed a study of restaurants and related uses along Queen Street West between Dufferin Street and Roncesvalles Avenue and the impact that these were having on other commercial uses along Queen Street West as well as on the surrounding residential uses north and south of the street.


Upon completion of the Study, City Council passed By-laws 1049-2013 and 1050-2013 placing certain restrictions on restaurants such as limiting their size and location within a building. Additionally, these By-laws placed a maximum on the number of restaurants permitted to be located in Areas A-D (see map) limiting the concentration of licensed restaurants to no more than 25% of the properties along Queen within each of these areas (with the exception of Area D at 33%).

City Council directed City staff to evaluate the impact of this concentration provision and to report back to City Council before the end of 2017. The purpose of this Community Consultation meeting is to present some preliminary findings related to this concentration provision and to obtain feedback from the Community.

To help complete the required analysis, the City retained the services of consultation firm Three Sixty Collective who will present their preliminary findings and will be available to respond to questions.

Date: Wednesday, Sept.. 27th
Time: 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Place: 20 West Lodge Avenue, May Robinson Auditorium

To speak to the planner directly, contact Joanna Kimont at (416) 392-7216 or You may also mail your comments to the planner at Toronto and East York District, 100 Queen St W Floor 18 E Toronto On, M5H 2N2, planner contact from Mr Gord Perks office.

WaBASH Fall Festival At Sorauren Park from 4-10 pm Sat, Sept. 23, 4-10 pm

WaBASH Fall Festival
At Sorauren Park on Saturday, Sept. 23, 4-10 pm



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WTJHS will be staffing the Community Table at the Junction Farmers Market Sat.



Saturday members of the WTJHS will be staffing the Community Table at the Market from 9am until 1pm.

September 23, 2017

The sorry state of The Canadian Pacific Railroad roundhouse artefacts behind Rona


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Terry Fox Run in High Park on Sunday.


The Terry Fox Run in High Park on Sunday, Sept 17, 2017.

There will be road closures in High Park. The run starts at 9 am.